Why do I need a radio commercial from you?

Well, your competition is airing radio ads.  Why?  Because they work.  Do you really want to give them that advantage? 

According to Forbes Magazine, 93% of adults listen to the radio each week. In terms of American population, that means approximately 243 million people over the age of 12 are listening to FM/AM radio every week. July 28, 2015 - Doug Schoen, contributor. 

IPSOS U.S. eNation Services reported in July 2015 that "of those exposed to radio ads, 52% made a purchase. That compares to 48% of people who saw ads online and 39% who saw TV ads." 

So if spending some advertising dollars on radio ads makes sense, why not make sure every dollar is well spent?

There are 2 parts to radio advertising: the radio station Air Time AND the Creative.  Air time is purchased directly from the radio station.  The Creative is the actual audio of the commercial that will be played on the air.  Radio stations will often throw in the Creative at no cost, which seems like a great deal on the surface.  However these Creatives are typically not very creative or well-produced, therefore lessening the impact of the air time.  

Our Creatives are designed by industry professionals with years of experience to deliver greater impact in your market    


How do I buy air time at a radio station?

There are many good resources out there for understanding how to purchase air time from a radio station on your own, or you can hire any number of reputable firms to help you in making the wisest media buys, as there are numerous factors to be considered.

Regardless of how you go about obtaining your radio air time, the first step is always to identify your target customer/client!  Shooting blind with your hard-earned cash is never a good way to conduct marketing and advertising, so make sure you have a clear target audience,  Then you are able to find where and when that particular audience is most likely to hear your important message!   

There is a lot that goes into buying an effective schedule with a local (or national) TV network or radio station including highest rated day-parts, day of the week based on your specific campaign strategy, and maximizing message exposure with allocated budget. These are very important decision when considering any ad buys so do your research, or have a professional media buyer assist you in the process.

We do provide these services and will gladly discuss these options with you during your consultation and creative strategy session.   


How are my audio files delivered?

We deliver the final product of MP3 file(s)by way of a Dropbox download link, in an e-mail.

Who owns the audio files?

Once you accept the final audio, you do, and you are free to do with them whatever you wish.  We retain the right to use said audio in promotional advertising

What if I'm not happy with the commercials?

We're confident that that won't happen, but know that up until you accept the final audio, we have a full refund, no questions asked policy.  

I have my own copy, how's that work?

Package 2, The A-la-carte, has a dropdown option to provide your own "Broadcast Ready"copy.  Upon purchase of this package you have the option to cut and paste the copy directly into the form or attach it in/as an -email. 

Writing high quality ad copy is a nuanced skill that requires a specific level of knowledge regarding creative writing, psychology, consumer buying habits, pacing of the script, effective "call to action" phrasing, and avoiding non-cliche concepts when producing a radio (or TV) commercial to promote or sell a designated product or service. IF you agree that your copy is "Broadcast Ready", our producers will follow your script to the letter as written, and produce your commercial(s) based off your provided copy. ANY revisions as a direct result of copy change you provide will result in additional charges, $50 per script/production. One change affecting ALL three commercials in a bundle package would be $50 per commercial or $150 in additional charges. These fees are paid prior to release of final production and delay in production due to copy provided by you voids the 48 hour guarantee. AudioProductionPros123 guarantees your production will be delivered, to your satisfaction, but if delayed due to copy, it may cost you time and money. 

During the initial consultation, our pros will discuss any notes and directions you may have regarding your copy.  

How long does it take to receive my finished commercial? 

After you hit the BUY button on this site, it may take a few hours for one of our audio production pros to touch base for the initial consultation.  We typically try to connect via e-mail and arrange a time to speak in person.  NOTE: We do not process orders that come in on Sundays or Holidays.

We start the clock once we complete the initial consultation, and if you haven't received a request to approve the final audio in 48 hours or less, it's free!  

Can you do my TV commercial?

Yep!  Well partly anyway, we do not offer video production services but happily provide broadcast ready audio files for your TV commercial production.

Why sign up for an account?

For faster checkout in the future, create an account to save email and billing information, as well as payment info.   Customer account passwords must be at least 10 characters.

They can also choose to save their payment information. Customers can save credit card information, but not PayPal or Apple Pay.

Any other questions?

Please Contact Us if you have any questions