The A-la-carte

The A-la-carte

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For those that have a bit more time on their hands and want to be a bigger part of the creative process, or have more specific needs.  Here you have options!  If you so desire you may choose a talent or two, provide the copy, take care of your own production, have us do all or part of a single spot or a bundle.

2nd Voice:
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This package is for either a bundle of 3 commercials or a single commercial of :15, :30 and/or :60 seconds.

NOTE: All packages include a single voice

The OPTIONS in this package include:

TYPE: Single OR Bundle Choose "Single" if you only need one audio file of either a :15, :30 OR :60 second commercial.  Choose "Bundle" if you need one of each, 3 audio files of a :15, :30 AND :60 second commercial. 

COPY: I need it OR I Will Provide: Choose "I Need It" if you would like our experienced creative team to write the copy for the commercial.  Choose "I Will Provide" if you will be providing finished, edited, "Broadcast Ready"copy following our guidelines in our FAQ section.  "Broadcast Ready" copy means NO revisions necessary. Any revisions to commercials due to copy provided by you will result in a $50 charge per revision.   

2nd VOICE: I Need it OR Not Needed: Choose "I Need It" if your commercial requires a 2nd voice, such is needed for dialog, or an announcer/narrator scenario, for example.  Choose "Not Needed", if the read requires only a single voiceover talent.  Either way you do have the option with this package to hand pick your talent.

PRODUCTION: I Need it OR Not Needed: Choose "I Need It"if you want your audio file to be broadcast ready, fully edited and professionally mixed with royalty free music beds and sound effects as needed.  Choose "Not Needed" if you have a producer lined up or will only be needed a dry VO track.

DELIVERY: I Need It OR Not Needed: (Choose "I Need It" if you would prefer us to deliver your audio files directly to a radio station or final producer of your choosing.  This can be helpful in eliminating any time lag or confusion should the file be required in a different format, or edited slightly.  You will also have a download link to access your audio file.  Choose "Not Needed" if you prefer to only receive the file personally and will deliver it to it's final broadcast destination on your own accord.

This package does NOT include:

  • Video or full production of a TV commercial
  • Air time, which must be purchased direct from the radio or TV station you wish to work with  

Once you purchase this package:

  • One of our Audio Production Pros will contact you within a few hours or less to confirm and review.
  • You finished audio Files will be delivered within 48 hours of that consultation.